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Hello and welcome to Copper Tree! I like to refer to my business like it’s an old friend…..just shorten it’s name a little. Anyway I hope you have enjoyed what you’ve seen so far.

My name is Christina Barton. I’m an Aries, I twiddle my hair when I’m bored and I get a kick out of pinching a couple extra specialty teas at a breakfast buffet, please don’t judge. I should also stress that I’m not a control freak as the photograph might suggest….my husband isn’t the greatest photographer in the world……if I left it to him to get this shot the painting in the background would be in focus and I’d just be a blur, believe me its better this way.

I am a wedding and portrait photographer based at the beautiful Glass House Mountains and servicing all of the Sunshine Coast.Don’t let that put you off though as I’d be delighted to combine my love of travel with my passion of taking photographs, so travelling around and out of Queensland for work would be a great opportunity I would welcome.

I have had a love of photography since I was 15. I was trusted with a camera at a family get together one afternoon….back then having a camera was a very grown up thing, seems silly now doesn’t it? considering the kids of today have cameras at their fingertips with their phones. Anyway I set up my little cousin who was 5 at the time and put her in a pose and took the shot, it came out beautifully and it was film cameras back then, no multiple shots to get it right or Photoshop, so I was pretty chuffed about it. My love of photography grew from there. I became Cadet Photographer for my High School magazine “Quest” and enrolled in an evening class at Tamworth TAFE to learn the basics. I shot my first wedding back in 2002, I was 17. Following my schooling I gained a Bachelor of Fine Arts then to save myself from starvation and homelessness I thought it would be smart to get a Graduate Diploma in Education so I could teach and I’ve been juggling the arts and teaching ever since. When I’m not teaching or running the business I’m spending time cooking, tending to my veggie patch and spending time with my adorable husband, my 6 year old son and 3 year old daughter. These guys are my little cheer squad on the sidelines of the photography industry…its a hard game to play at times.

I love to photograph people and more specifically family. I like to photograph the special connections they have together, which is probably why I love weddings! there tends to be a lot of love around at weddings and people can let go of the inhibitions and let loose…..especially on the dance floor! There’s nothing better than capturing moments of pure happiness and love. I approach each wedding differently. I know some photographers have their check list of poses to do but I find that sterile. If you hire me I’d like to think you have done so knowing that I will do the shoot in a way that is unique and that you want me to be creative with it. You’re hiring an Artist, not just a Photographer.

If my style of photography hits a chord with you, please call me for a chat or contact me on Facebook if that’s more your thing. I would love to hear your story and what you would like to have captured.

Once again thank you for visiting my site and if you have gone to the effort of reading this then your a champ!

Best Regards,

Christina Barton

Copper Tree Photography services All parts of the Sunshine Coast