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Yvonne and Keith

Refreshing your family photographs at regular points thoughout life’s journey is one of things where at the time seems like just something else that needs to be done. It’s not until many years pass that the value of having these photos is realised. Keith and Yvonne’s son Matt wanted to get his parents a photo shoot as they had

Jenny’s Glass House Mountains Family Shoot

Updating ones family photographs from time to time is always going to be a good idea in general but its also a wonderful gift for someone to be given. Jenny was the lucky recipient of one of my gift vouchers and was so excited to get everyone together to get some lovely group photographs. Jenny said she had a shoot done before that was out in

The Daniels Family Shoot at Glass House Mountains

It’s always lovely to do a photo shoot for a family you are somewhat familiar with. Doing a shoot with the Daniels family (my neighbors) was great as the ice had already been broken and we were all at ease in each others company. Their Daughter Georgia was heading to the USA in the coming months and they wished to have some beautiful

Kylie’s Glass House Mountains Maternity Shoot

I’m incredibly lucky to be living in such a gorgeous part of the world at present. The Glass House Mountains region is really a site to behold. When Kylie contacted me for a maternity shoot not long out from her delivery date I jumped at the chance to really explore a few options for capturing this special time for the family. Kylie is

The Van Balen Family

I love going to a new property and having the challenge of seeing what I can work with to get the best possible photographs. When I drove up to the Van Balen household I was pretty chuffed at what I saw, not just the setting but the number and variety of animals on the property. This place was an animal lovers haven! there were emus and sheep and

Natasha, Cameron and little Liam

There’s a little added pressure that comes with mini shoots in getting great shots in a short time but this glorious afternoon we couldn’t put a foot wrong. Natasha and her family had come from Willow Tree for this mini shoot and the light on this particular afternoon was absolutely glorious. Little Liam was such a character during the

The Callaghan Family Shoot

This shoot was actually done straight after the Hodge family shoot and funnily enough these guys knew each other. It never ceases to amaze me the links that people have in this area, I’ve had many its a small world kind of moments and this was certainly one of them. Kelly, Clarry and little Darcy had been given this shoot as a gift by the

The Hodge Family Shoot

It was perfect conditions photography wise when Alison Hodge and her lovely family had organised to do their mini shoot out at one of my favourite places. The light was lovely and luminous and I found myself looking for a new scene to get my family portraits. When we arrived I noticed the beautiful golden leaves still hanging onto their branches,

Bec, Johnny and their beloved hound Henry

I was so excited when Bec approached me to do a mini shoot involving their much loved dog Henry. The day we arranged to do this shoot the weather was a concern because it had been overcast and showering on and off. Bec was a trooper though and wasn’t going to let a bit of rain dampen our shoot. Bec is also a photographer as well and said she

The Bailey’s and their grandchildren

Hello all, During the Christmas period last year I put a deal up on social media for mini shoots for the new year. To my delight many Scone locals took up the offer. What was even more wonderful was that many of my past clients got their family members onto this deal to have more family memories captured. The first shoot of the year was with

The Chapple Family Mini Shoot

Hello folks, I hope everyone enjoyed their Christmas and have had some lovely relaxing days to recover….it would be nice if the temperature was a little kinder here in Scone but anyway we can’t have it all can we? Here is the shoot of another fellow colleague Tanya Chapple. Tanya teaches Japanese and I can tell you I’ve taken a

The Brown Family

Absolute perfection! that is what you get when you get a gorgeous afternoon at the creek with that beautiful golden hour colour and a family that has no worries being in front of the camera. This is the Brown family. Danielle had contacted me for a shoot earlier in the year but hadn’t gotten around to organising a time. When I told her about