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Lilly and Ed’s Sensational Scone Wedding

I love a good local wedding, when I had my first meeting with Lilly at Kerv espresso bar in town I knew this was going to be a lot of fun. Lilly had met Ed within a month of moving here from England as they were both involved in the equine industry and the rest as they say is history. I was amazed that despite being from England there were not many guests that had to fly over for the big day as a lot of her family had decided to move here as well. Like most couples with kids that are planning weddings capturing the day with their kids is awfully important. She mentioned that I may have my work cut out a bit with her daughter Chloe… its a good name that one. I wasn’t too worried about this however as I have worked with young kids quite a bit over the years with teaching and with photo shoots, as long as we can have fun with it, it should be fine.

In our second meeting we went to each of the locations that Lilly had in mind for shooting. I’m glad she has some ideas and access into some places around Wingen as I hadn’t done a shoot out there. We went to a place called Benny’s Barn which had horse stables, a windmill and a creek running through it so plenty to use for location shots. Estimating how the light is going to effect us on the day and in the afternoon was a bit tricky but I knew there was enough there that we could use the property to our advantage and chase the shade or have the sun back lighting the subjects nicely. Anyway it was great to have those initial meeting with her to check all of this out so there aren’t too many surprises on the day.

So their big day arrived and I thought it ran so well and everyone was chilled out and enjoying the day which was lovely to see. The bridal party were fantastic with the location shoot, happy to muck around with different ideas and be a bit silly which in the end gets the best results. It was so great to have people to work with that are happy to go along with the weird and wonderful things I get them to do at times and these guys were just taking the ball and running with it, throwing in many jokes along the way…brilliant!

The reception was simply delightful, there was a real relaxed atmosphere there and it was more personal too beingĀ  on the property of Ed’s parents. There was a certain feeling of warmth and inclusion to this reception that I don’t normally feel with this job. My husband and I were having our meal up on the hill and many guest would come and have a chat with us, even members of the wedding party would come up, have a seat and chat about how great the day had been….this doesn’t normally happen at wedding receptions as we have spent most of the day with them so don’t expect that they take any more time to chat with my husband or myself as there are many other friends and family members there to chat to. So yeah that blew me away, it was really lovely that they were inclusive of us even at a time when they didn’t have to be. Another moment of the evening was when the band had kicked up and I don’t think I’ve seen that many people take to the dance floor at a wedding before. It was heartwarming to see that the guests didn’t seem to care who they were dancing with either, everyone was so happy and carefree. It was a truly wonderful wedding reception….one of the best I have seen I’d say.

So here are the photos we captured of this amazing day, it was such a joy to work with these guys. Its a wedding I won’t forget for a long time. Enjoy

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