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The Callaghan Family Shoot

This shoot was actually done straight after the Hodge family shoot and funnily enough these guys knew each other. It never ceases to amaze me the links that people have in this area, I’ve had many its a small world kind of moments and this was certainly one of them. Kelly, Clarry and little Darcy had been given this shoot as a gift by the Aldridge family and Kelly later told me that she didn’t have any good shots of her and her son except what she had taken on the phone as selfies. I was pretty glad that soon she would have some lovely photos documenting this time of early motherhood for her and Darcy in his first year. Capturing these special moments has been something that has been on my mind a bit of late as looking back at Lachlan and myself there arn’t a heck of a lot of shots documenting us together which isn’t great as he was my first child and its an important time to document well I think, its nice to have those photos to look back on. This shoot was great, top points to these guys for bring a squeeky to to get Darcy’s attention, it seemed to work better than me clicking my tongue or making silly noises so thanks for that. Hope you love and treasure these photographs for many years.



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