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Bec, Johnny and their beloved hound Henry

I was so excited when Bec approached me to do a mini shoot involving their much loved dog Henry. The day we arranged to do this shoot the weather was a concern because it had been overcast and showering on and off. Bec was a trooper though and wasn’t going to let a bit of rain dampen our shoot. Bec is also a photographer as well and said she was feeling a little weird having to be on the other side of the lens. I told her not to worry, its was my job to make them look good….and they did. She and Johnny did a great job of looking very natural together and Henry didn’t do too badly either being the spunky Canine he is.

The best thing was that it didn’t rain throughout the shoot but started again not long after I left so we were very lucky. These shots of the who of them sitting in the grass made me scratch my head a little. Not because of what they were doing but how the heck the light was being as gorgeous as it was. I had set them up under a tree, it was a darker area than others and somehow the light coming from overcast skies seemed to be bouncing off somewhere nearby and hitting these guys to really illuminate them….. we just couldn’t see it.I was not using any flashes but the results were like I had some sort of studio lights set up, very freaky. Anyway the result was fantastic as you can see here. Enjoy


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