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The Smith Family Photo Shoot

Last month I was asked by fellow work colleague Bronwen Smith to do a shoot of her family. I knew of a great creek that was located just outside Scone that given the right time of morning or evening produced lovely photos. Bronwen was eager to do the shoot early as the summer heat had definitely set in for the season. Bronwen did a great job preparing for the shoot, buying her girls matching outfits to wear……too cute and the colours in them were beautiful for photos.

On diving out to the location I noticed a heck of a lot of cows happily grazing….I wasn’t expecting so many to be in the area. Little did I realise this was going to be a problem for the kids, they weren’t too keen on having those cows hanging around. Formalised shots of the family didn’t really work for the kids on this shoot so we let the kids muck around and throw some rocks into the creek and as a result got some great candids of the family just doing their thing, throwing rocks, finding feathers and interacting with each other. This is one of the great things about being a lifestyle photographer, there are a couple of ways to go about it and if one fails I can turn to the other. I’ve always said sometimes the candids are the most precious photos to have as it captures the person or people in a true representation, their personalities shine through.


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