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Rylee and Cameron

The energy that young kids seem to have astounds me at times and little Rylee was certainly an energetic kid. His little brother Cameron on the other hand was quite chilled out which I guess typical considering he was only 5 months old.  I took it upon myself to join in the fun, finding him sticks to wave around and throwing leaves up in the air. A few times he came right up to the lens, perhaps wondering if he could see my eye on the other side. Taking photos of Rylee on his own was no drama…getting him to sit with his brother on the other hand was a bit more difficult. His parents had to do a bit of sweet talking to get the shot. “Just have these few pictures done with your brother and you can get an icy pole from the shop.” Hehehehe he’s a clever lad! Anyway we had a great time doing this shoot and I said to Sharleen that it would be great to do another one later on when Cameron was old enough to sit up or toddle. So we might see these guys again in the future. Enjoy cheeky Rylee and Cameron.

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