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Jess’s Maternity Shoot

I as delighted to get a call from Jess, who lived in the area and wished to have some photos of her whilst she was still pregnant. This was her first and she was so excited about having her little girl. Pregnancy is a funny thing in that when your there and in the later stages its something that you’ve gotten used to and isn’t a big deal anymore. I mentioned to Jess how quickly I forgot what it was like to be pregnant with my first child and that having some photos to look back on was at least some reminder of the that time. Jess was a cool easy going chick and was so grateful as it was coming up to Christmas and for me it had been a busy time with clients wanting shoots done to give photos as gifts. I’ve got to hand it to Jess, for a heavily pregnant woman she went along with my instructions pretty well….I mean I didn’t have her doing cartwheels or anything like that but I did ask for poses where she needed to sit, lay or stand and whilst I asked her to tell me if it was getting to much she never did. Champion!!

I always have a little chuckle to myself seeing the look on people’s faces when I put forward and idea for photo that to them seems weird. For this shoot I asked Jess to place herself in  some tall, dried foliage….well they were weeds to be more specific but they had beautiful form, they deserve a better name than weeds on artistic merit. Anyway I ask people to trust my vision even though I may ask them to some weird things, I am trying to make them look good and when they get the photos back they then understand what it was  I saw.

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