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Jess and Rod’s Beautiful Upper Hunter Wedding

True country wedding bliss is what I was in when I shot Jess and Rod’s wedding on his parent’s property at Wingen, NSW. The ceremony reminded me of my own wedding actually. A beautiful wooden arch was dressed up with flowers on a peaceful spot along a dry creek with seating of hay bales. It was a perfect day. Actually on the drive to the venue as I was just leaving Scone I looked up and saw a helium heart shaped balloon floating up to the heavens. I took it as a sign from the gods that this was going to be a great wedding. They weren’t wrong, this wedding had fireworks!………… literally there was a fireworks display during the reception. The ceremony was the shortest I had ever seen!! I must have only gotten through about twenty clicks and the celebrant said “you may now kiss the bride”. I couldn’t believe it. Their reception venue was the properties sheering shed and it had been laid out with all the trimmings but still held the country feel to it with animal skins hanging on the walls, horse shoes and saddles making up part of the décor. The best part of the day was typically taking the shots of the bride and groom after the ceremony. Rod’s parent’s property stretched over thousands of acres and had lots of big hills to hike up into in the 4×4’s, one of which I grabbed a lift in. The afternoon was golden and clear, those elements along with an easy going bridal party will always deliver lovely photos. Jess and Rod were so relaxed and so in love, it was easy to see they were like chalk and cheese, like two peas in a pod and any other saying of that nature you can come up with! hahaha if this was Rod talking he’d say ” Me and Jenny were like peas and carrots”. Anyway they certainly showed that they were the real deal and it was lovely to see. This wedding has got me holding my hopes out now for another country styled wedding in the future.


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