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Canon 100mm Macro 2.8

From time to time I like to write about some of the gear I own or tips I’ve picked up during my time as a photographer. In this post I’m be looking at the canon 100mm 2.8.

I acquired this beaut bit of gear earlier this year. This lens is mainly marketed for wedding or nature photographers due to its macro zoom and clarity which for me is ideal for taking detail shots of wedding rings, flowers, decorations, cuff links perfume bottles and so on. Some would say this lens is not really needed. My opinion is that DETAILS MATTER! Some of the best photos in an collection can be those detail shots and as a wedding photographer who likes to tell a story of the couples special day capturing those important items like the jewellery the bride wore on the day or an image of their wedding stationary beautifully arrange helps complete their story.

When I first got this lens I put it to work on the bees that were madly buzzing around the flowers in my beloved vegie patch. I had read that this lens will be better to use in manual…..this makes it a bit hard when you have objects moving rather quickly…..a ladybeetle would have been a better model for this. Anyway I did my best with the auto for the buzzy bees and got some pleasing results. The next day I set up some objects that I’d be sure to come across for wedding clients, perfume, wedding shoes and some jewellery. Here are the results!

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