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Carly and Micheal’s Beautiful Baerami Wedding

Spring had finally hit which meant exciting times ahead for wedding season. My first wedding was with Carly and Micheal. Carly was another super organised bride and had booked me well ahead of time for the big day. I had only met up with these two about a month before the wedding and they were such a cruisy couple just looking forward to their big

Jess and Callum’s Stella Wedding at the Segenhoe Inn

The glorious Segenhoe Inn is one of those places that I have driven past and admired for many years on the way to a days teaching at the High School at Aberdeen. I’d always wondered what it looked like inside, well I soon found out when I attended Jess and Callum’s wedding which was held there. Jess was also getting ready there so I

Lilly and Ed’s Sensational Scone Wedding

I love a good local wedding, when I had my first meeting with Lilly at Kerv espresso bar in town I knew this was going to be a lot of fun. Lilly had met Ed within a month of moving here from England as they were both involved in the equine industry and the rest as they say is history. I was amazed that despite being from England there were not

Kylie and Brett’s fabulous Nundle Wedding

Nundle will always hold a special place in my heart due to the fact that it lies around 60kms away from my hometown of Tamworth and it used to be a great little spot to pack a picnic with my grandparents and cousins in tow to take pop’s gold pans to shake a bit of dirt around and try our luck at striking gold. My pop once put a $2 coin in my

Alischa and Mark’s Anna Bay Wedding

They say that most photographers gain their future clients through word of mouth, they arn’t wrong there. Alischa got in touch with me after viewing my shoots form both of the Casben weddings (her cousins) I had documented previously. Alischa and Mark were from Sydney but were going to have their wedding in the Nelson Bay area which thrilled

Jenni and Jarred renew their wedding vows

A good friend of mine from high school days got in touch with me July last year saying she and her hubby were planning on renewing their vows. This is something Jenni wanted to do as she didn’t have that many good photos of her wedding and she just found out she was pregnant with their first child before she walked down the isle…plus

Natalie and Nathan’s Wedding at Dartbrook

I have fond memories of my first introduction with Natalie and Nathan when both were in the wedding party of Jess and Rod Casben, cruising up into the hills of Rod’s Father’s property to to get some great location shots and use the property’s stunning views to their fullest. I was delighted when Natalie (Jess’s sister) got

Jess and Troy’s Gorgeous Bush Wedding

This wedding was unlike any other wedding I have done previously and its one of the fantastic things about being a wedding photographer, seeing weddings done in different ways and in different settings. This wedding was held at Banjo’s Bush Retreat, located just outside of Vacy, NSW. This is a beautiful establishment consists of a 3 luxury

Chloe and Lee’s Gorgeous Country Wedding

I met Chloe and Lee back in 2015 when Chloe was just in the early weeks of planning for her wedding a year and a bit down the track. I thought to myself “Far out this girl is organised to be onto it this early”. I caught up with them at the Belmore Hotel Scone and we had a drink and discussed what they had planned and Chloe busted out

Sarah and Andrew’s Beautiful Newcastle Wedding

Now I’m a country girl born and bred but there is no doubt that hidden within me is a city girl that’s just dying to hit the cafe’s and art galleries and shops!! this side of me doesn’t impress my husband one bit but thankfully he does let me indulge in the city living from time to time. Sarah put a message on a Facebook

Rhiannon and Shane’s Stunning Wedding in the Upper Hunter

I don’t believe I have ever seen a wedding quite like this one. It was Saturday the 29th of October and this was a wedding where no stone had been unturned. Every detail of the day had been thought about and styled so beautifully and the property that they held this wedding at was naturally so picturesque that all of the elements came

Jess and Rod’s Beautiful Upper Hunter Wedding

True country wedding bliss is what I was in when I shot Jess and Rod’s wedding on his parent’s property at Wingen, NSW. The ceremony reminded me of my own wedding actually. A beautiful wooden arch was dressed up with flowers on a peaceful spot along a dry creek with seating of hay bales. It was a perfect day. Actually on the drive to