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Spring had finally hit which meant exciting times ahead for wedding season. My first wedding was with Carly and Micheal. Carly was another super organised bride and had booked me well ahead of time for the big day. I had only met up with these two about a month before the wedding and they were such a cruisy couple just looking forward to their big day and seeing all of their organising and hard work for the event come to light.

Carly and Micheal had booked a suite at the Remington Muswellbrook which was great as I had never been into the Remington before.  As I expected everyone was relaxed and cool as cucumbers so that was a great start. After shooting some details I headed to the guys room to capture their crew keen to have a drink at the bar before heading off for the reception. It was great to see that these guys had plenty of friends and family around even early on in the day to help celebrate and keep any nerves/ issues at bay.

The ceremony and reception were held at the Baerami Hall near Sandy Hollow.  Carly and Micheal had put a lot of effort into the decorative touches for the hall and it came up looking amazing! After a simple ceremony and the family shots we headed out to James Estate Winery. Carly had asked the owners there if they could use the property for location photos…..clever girl she is. It was a fantastic spot, we managed to capture many beautiful photos of the newlyweds in the vineyards and the barn they had. As always when we are having fun the sun goes down quicker than expected so called it a day on the location shoot and headed back to the reception at the hall.

It was a fantastic day, a little windy I’ll admit but that didn’t stop everyone from enjoying themselves and celebrating the union of this wonderful couple. It was fantastic to be part of it. I wish them all the best for their future endeavors.



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The glorious Segenhoe Inn is one of those places that I have driven past and admired for many years on the way to a days teaching at the High School at Aberdeen. I’d always wondered what it looked like inside, well I soon found out when I attended Jess and Callum’s wedding which was held there. Jess was also getting ready there so I had plenty of time to explore the beauty of this Inn. I truly was spoil for choice for great shot opportunities not only for portraits but in using the furniture and antiques for the detail shots. Jess and Callum got married at the side of the Inn’s lovely sandstone building under the gazebo on site with lovely gardens surrounding it and from there a reception held at the back of the venue. Lee Watts conducted the ceremony and it was lovely for the friends and family members to surround the gazebo to take in this special event between Jess and Callum who have known each other since their high school days. The couple have two young boys who loved playing a part in the wedding and were looking sharp in their little suits. Actually Jess did well in choosing the outfits for the wedding party, the bridesmaids had dresses the same colour but were different styles which is a trend that I like a lot actually, giving each person their own unique look as opposed to looking the same.

Once the family shots had been done we jumped into the bus and headed out to a farm which was lucky enough to have the Hunter river flowing through. Time and lighting wasn’t really on our side as it was getting on in the afternoon and it was evident that the heavens could open up any minute so we didn’t get as many shots there as we would have liked but it was a great spot. All in all this was a great day for a great couple and I’m really stoked with these images, the colours and lighting were fantastic. Enjoy



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I love a good local wedding, when I had my first meeting with Lilly at Kerv espresso bar in town I knew this was going to be a lot of fun. Lilly had met Ed within a month of moving here from England as they were both involved in the equine industry and the rest as they say is history. I was amazed that despite being from England there were not many guests that had to fly over for the big day as a lot of her family had decided to move here as well. Like most couples with kids that are planning weddings capturing the day with their kids is awfully important. She mentioned that I may have my work cut out a bit with her daughter Chloe… its a good name that one. I wasn’t too worried about this however as I have worked with young kids quite a bit over the years with teaching and with photo shoots, as long as we can have fun with it, it should be fine.

In our second meeting we went to each of the locations that Lilly had in mind for shooting. I’m glad she has some ideas and access into some places around Wingen as I hadn’t done a shoot out there. We went to a place called Benny’s Barn which had horse stables, a windmill and a creek running through it so plenty to use for location shots. Estimating how the light is going to effect us on the day and in the afternoon was a bit tricky but I knew there was enough there that we could use the property to our advantage and chase the shade or have the sun back lighting the subjects nicely. Anyway it was great to have those initial meeting with her to check all of this out so there aren’t too many surprises on the day.

So their big day arrived and I thought it ran so well and everyone was chilled out and enjoying the day which was lovely to see. The bridal party were fantastic with the location shoot, happy to muck around with different ideas and be a bit silly which in the end gets the best results. It was so great to have people to work with that are happy to go along with the weird and wonderful things I get them to do at times and these guys were just taking the ball and running with it, throwing in many jokes along the way…brilliant!

The reception was simply delightful, there was a real relaxed atmosphere there and it was more personal too being  on the property of Ed’s parents. There was a certain feeling of warmth and inclusion to this reception that I don’t normally feel with this job. My husband and I were having our meal up on the hill and many guest would come and have a chat with us, even members of the wedding party would come up, have a seat and chat about how great the day had been….this doesn’t normally happen at wedding receptions as we have spent most of the day with them so don’t expect that they take any more time to chat with my husband or myself as there are many other friends and family members there to chat to. So yeah that blew me away, it was really lovely that they were inclusive of us even at a time when they didn’t have to be. Another moment of the evening was when the band had kicked up and I don’t think I’ve seen that many people take to the dance floor at a wedding before. It was heartwarming to see that the guests didn’t seem to care who they were dancing with either, everyone was so happy and carefree. It was a truly wonderful wedding reception….one of the best I have seen I’d say.

So here are the photos we captured of this amazing day, it was such a joy to work with these guys. Its a wedding I won’t forget for a long time. Enjoy



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Pregnancy is such a special, unique time in a woman’s life. Its a short time and given a couple of months after the birth its hard to remember what it felt like and if you haven’t documented the time with some photos its hard to remember what you looked like as well.

It was so lovely to hear from Anne who wished to purchase a gift certificate for her son and daughter in law who were expecting in march 2018. She wasn’t sure if Louise would want to use it for a maternity shoot or a newborn shoot which is the beauty of the gift certificates, the recipient can decide which type of shoot they are after. A few months down the line and I received a message from Louise. She wished to have a maternity shoot done. It turns out Louise and I had the same photographer shoot our weddings so that was pretty cool that we had that in common. We set a date and I did a quick scout of a location which I had not used in a while. Now I’ve got to say Scone has been through one heck of a dry patch… decent rain since march 2017!!! so it was going to be interesting to find somewhere with some greenery. This creek which I had used only a handful of times was mostly dry…I hand’t seen it this dry in my 7 years living here so that was a bit of a shock to see but on the other hand it was handy as I could drive well into it without fear of bogging the trusty Hilux. There were plenty of good spots here despite the dry conditions.

Louise and Joel were a fantastic couple to work with and Louise was looked so natural with her posing.  I’m always a bit hesitant in asking expecting mothers to do certain poses and go in certain places but Louise was a real trooper going into water for some shots……it was worth it though they are terrific. They were very excited about what was to come in the next few weeks and I can tell you know as its a bit down the line that their little baby boy Eddie arrived on the the 9th of March safe and sound which is wonderful news. Many exciting times for them ahead, I wish them all the best. So here is what we captured on that lovely day. Enjoy









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I love going to a new property and having the challenge of seeing what I can work with to get the best possible photographs. When I drove up to the Van Balen household I was pretty chuffed at what I saw, not just the setting but the number and variety of animals on the property. This place was an animal lovers haven! there were emus and sheep and alpacas, their two friendly dogs as well as many varieties of poultry….I’ve probably missed a few others but yeah it was a grand site. Even though it was still very dry, we had some great places to take the photos. The superb cubby house with its lovely rich red door was a winner bringing some lovely colour to the shots and the wood seat that overlooked the animals in the paddock and the blue hazed mountains in the distance was great also. The majority of the family shots were taken on their little bridge. This was a great spot for taking the different combinations of family members and we were able to set up a few funny shots there with the help of a slightly rusty metal tub I happen to spot to the side. This my first shoot for the start of this year and if this shoot was anything to go by it was going to be a fantastic year ahead. This family were so warm and welcoming, even offering me to stay for a glass of red after the shoot and Dianne gave me a tour of their lovely home and told me about its history of it with the majority of the dwelling being Middlebrook school house. The gorgeous original timber of it was amazing to see. After my farewells and hugs goodbye I felt very lucky to have been able to meet such a beautiful family. It was a real treat. Here is some of what we captured that day.


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